How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Knee Pain

How A Chiropractor Can Help Your Knee Pain

Understanding the Knee Joint

Whether we like it or not, knee injuries are a common occurrence and many people suffer from chronic knee pain. When you are experiencing knee issues, it becomes difficult to move around and do the things that you love. Fortunately, there is hope for those who want to get rid of their knee pain and get back to their life.

Knee pain doesn’t just hurt, it affects your lifestyle and makes it challenging to participate in daily activities. From bending and lifting objects to climbing the stairs and entering your car, sharp knee pain can strike at any time, and there’s no immediate remedy.

Around 25% of adults in the US have some form of frequent knee pain, and the numbers are increasing with each passing day. If you are one of these individuals, then you should know that there are several options available to help you deal with your knee pain. One of the best options is getting chiropractic care.

The goal of chiropractic care is to restore normal function to the body by manipulating pressure points and correcting misalignments. When applied correctly, chiropractic care can be an effective treatment option for knee pain.

If you are suffering from knee pain, this guide will tell you what you need to know about chiropractic care and how it can help you.

Understanding the Knee Joint 

The knee joint is a complex part of your body that must function properly for a variety of movements. The knee and surrounding joints also bear most of the body weight and rely heavily on muscles and ligaments for stability and movement.

The knee joint is made up of the following parts:

The Tibia-Femoral Joint

The tibia-femoral joint is an articulation between the medial and lateral condyles of the distal end of the tibial plateaus and femur. Both of these parts are covered with a thick layer of hyaline cartilage. 

The medial and lateral condyles are two bony projections located at the femur’s distal end. The types of knee pain experienced in the tibia-femoral joint mainly include ligament sprains, articular cartilage injuries, and tibiofemoral osteoarthritis, commonly known as knee arthritis.

The Patella-Femoral Joint

The patella-femoral joint is a type of saddle joint formed by the articulation of the patellar surface and the femur. The patella is a triangular-shaped bone with a pointed distal apex and curved proximal base. Being a sesamoid bone, the patella is tightly packed, and a tendon holds it in place with the femoris muscle. 

There are different types of knee pains people experience in the patella-femoral joint, including patellar dislocation and patellofemoral osteoarthritis.

Ligaments and Menisci 

The ligaments present in the knee joint can further be classified into two groups: intracapsular and extracapsular ligaments. These ligaments connect to the femur and tibia and provide stability while reducing the chances of dislocation.

The knee also contains menisci, which act as shock absorbers and provide stability while moving. However, the cushion present in the knee is susceptible to several injuries due to quick rotations or a sudden twist of the upper leg. 


The muscles present in or around the knee joint are responsible for providing passive stability to the knee. These tight muscles are also highly prone to injuries. Many sufferers experiencing constant pain in the knee have torn muscles. 

Common Types of Knee Pains Chiropractic Care Can Alleviate 

Many types of knee pains can be alleviated simply by seeing a good chiropractor. Moreover, seeing an expert chiropractor is essential if you are experiencing knee pain due to any of the diseases listed here because there is a risk of fracture during the manipulation. Some things a chiropractor can help with include:

Psoriatic Arthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Psoriatic arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis are two joint diseases that are brought on by the immune system attacking healthy tissues. While the main treatment for these diseases is a medication that works on the immune system, chiropractic care can act as a pain remedy.

It is essential to consult an experienced chiropractor who has ample knowledge of the knee joint and knows which areas to manipulate in order to alleviate the pain.

Apart from providing relief from pain, chiropractic techniques also help increase blood flow and improve the immune system, which further helps treat autoimmune conditions, including psoriatic or rheumatoid arthritis. 


Another cause of chronic knee pain is a kind of arthritis known as osteoarthritis. It is one of the main causes of joint pain in general. Patients experience osteoarthritis when they suffer injuries or the cartilage in the joints wears out because of age, overuse, or other factors. Once the cartilage recedes, bones rub against other bones, causing swelling and pain.

A chiropractor can help improve the alignment of the joint so that you don’t experience pain while moving the lower body. Furthermore, seeing a chiropractor helps keep arthritis from getting worse. Unfortunately, no evidence shows that it can help restore damaged or injured cartilage. 

ITBS (Iliotibial Band Syndrome)

The stress of long-term use due to age, occupation, or intense sports training often leads to sharp pain in the knee joint. Known as iliotibial band syndrome or ITBS, this injury has become quite common these days.

A chiropractor can prevent the risks of ITBS while reducing pain by providing a combination of complementary treatments.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Recurring stress and tension on the upper tibia of the knee joint results in Osgood-Schlatter disease. The patellar tendon and the soft tissues that support it become inflamed due to growth spurts in adolescents.

Frequent jumping and running can increase the risk for Osgood-Schlatter disease and it is seen often in children who participate in sports. Getting chiropractic care can help release stress and tension from the particular area of the knee joint, which reduces the significant pain.

Referred Pain 

Referred pain is when the pain you feel in one part of your body is actually caused by pain or injury in another part of your body. When you experience referred pain in the knee joint, it is many times caused by issues in the lower back facet joints, sacroiliac joint, hip joints, sciatic nerve, feet, or the muscles that surround the knee.

Opting for chiropractic care helps in normalizing joint function all over the body, which reduces referred pain in the knee. Additionally, visiting a chiropractor for knee pain can improve the movement of the leg muscles, thus reducing referred hip pain or back pain as well.

Common Knee Injuries Chiropractic Care Can Heal

There are different types of knee injuries that a team of chiropractors can fix. Knee injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, and are not necessarily limited to active people or older people. 

Generally, these injuries result in acute pain that can seem manageable, but not seeking treatment can result in a permanent disability. Below are some types of knee injuries and how chiropractic care helps heal these issues. 


The common cause of bursitis is inflammation of the bursa (fluid-filled sacs) present on the inside of the knee joints. While any pain can be moderate, extreme cases of bursitis can lead to swelling of the bursa, which puts immense pressure on the knee’s structure.

Chiropractic manipulation and mobilization techniques can help reduce the swelling and alleviate the nagging knee pain. 

Crucial Ligament Injuries 

Common among people who participate in physical activities, such as athletes and workout enthusiasts, crucial ligament injuries are nothing new. The injuries include tearing or stretching of the cruciate ligaments. If not properly treated in a timely manner, these injuries can lead to reducing the patient’s mobility while inviting extreme pain.

You should seek chiropractic care for crucial ligament injuries. Chiropractors can manipulate the muscles and nerves present in the knee, thus improving the overall flow of blood to reduce inflammation. Gentle stretching and strengthening exercises will help improve flexibility and strength.


Tendons are the thick cords that connect a muscle to a bone. Tendonitis is the inflammation or irritation of tendons and can cause pain or tenderness around a joint. Often caused due to overuse or repetitive motion, this condition can also be a result of injury. Tendonitis can trigger acute or chronic pain, which is almost unbearable in many cases.

Chiropractors can isolate the underlying causes of the pain, such as swelling while providing manual manipulation to restore the natural movement of the knee joint. 

These are a few common and widely-experienced knee problems that chiropractors can fix. You can consult expert chiropractors at the Oak Brook Medical Group (630-317-7478) regarding any knee issues. Our chiropractic care can provide you with relief from knee pain while improving the mobility of the complex joint.

Symptoms of Knee Pain and When to See a Chiropractor 

The location and severity of pain may vary, but these are a few common symptoms you should not ignore. When you experience any of the following symptoms, contacting a chiropractor is the best decision.

  • Swelling and stiffness around the knee. 
  • Warmth to touch and redness of the area around the knee joint. 
  • Popping and clicking sounds when walking or jumping.
  • Instability while walking or weakness in the joint.
  • Inability to extend the knee to its full capability. 
  • Severe pain that lasts for days or weeks.

If you feel that the pain has limited your ability to accomplish daily life activities in any way, you should see a chiropractor. 

The experienced chiropractors that you will find at the Oak Brook Medical Group can address all types of knee joint issues to help you get rid of the debilitating pain. Moreover, a member from our team of medical doctors will examine the joint to look for any misalignment, which can be a major contributor to the pain.

What to Expect from Chiropractic Care for Knee Pain 

Knee pain can be unbearable in most cases and many times the best treatment is chiropractic care. However, it’s essential to understand what it can offer so that you can get the best results. Apart from helping to reduce the pain, chiropractors can examine the physical anatomy of the knee joint to create a highly accurate treatment plan for you.

At Oak Brook Medical Group, we provide personalized plans to each patient depending on the severity of issues, pain intensity, and the cause. You can expect the following from chiropractic treatment for knee pain:

Normalized Joint Function 

It is indispensable for the knee joint to function properly, and this can be attained by chiropractic care. Chiropractors manipulate the knee joint and use several mobilization techniques to enhance the movement of the joints and muscles.

Chiropractic treatment helps improve movement while reducing pain. Also, chiropractors can offer trigger point therapy and a deep soft tissue massage to limit the friction between the joints. 

Reduced Joint Inflammation 

With chiropractic care for knee pain, you can expect relief from inflammation. The treatment helps in reducing muscle spasms as well, leading to the healing of the soft tissues in the knee joint. 

Prevention of Joint Dysfunction 

The mobility of the body mainly depends on the knee joints, and if there is some issue with the joint, you may struggle to walk or run properly. Seeking chiropractic treatment from an expert reduces dysfunction in the joints. In addition, chiropractors can trace the issue back to the source, which may actually be spinal problems. 

Treatment of the Origin of the Pain 

While medications can offer temporary relief from pain, chiropractic care can treat the pain at its origin. Chiropractic treatment is a universal solution to several health issues, including knee pain.

Chiropractors can examine the knee properly using several techniques and medical technologies, including ultrasound and x-ray, to study the anatomy of the patient’s knee in order to figure out the origin of the pain and how to fix it.

How Do Chiropractors in Illinois Help with Knee Pain Relief? 

In this section, you will find how exactly chiropractors help with knee pain relief and the types of techniques or methodologies they use. First, the doctor assigned to you evaluates your gait or your manner of walking to spot any obvious issues. 

By studying your gait, the chiropractor can see the amount of stress the knees are experiencing. The doctor can then start aligning your joints using several therapeutic techniques, including:

Trigger Point Therapy 

Trigger point therapy is a type of remedial massage therapy that involves the use of precise application of pressure on certain points of the body to reduce discomfort and pain.

Ultrasound Therapy 

Ultrasound therapy is another common technique used by chiropractors to heal painful muscles. The ultrasonic waves, when passed through joints and muscles, reduce stiffness and relieve pain. Moreover, ultrasound therapy is beneficial for patients with other mobility issues. 

Spinal Adjustment 

If the knee pain is caused by a misalignment of the spine, chiropractors will use a spinal adjustment to fix it. The treatment is aimed to re-establish balance and alignment. Furthermore, it helps restore the functionality of the knees while reducing the wear and tear caused to the joints.

Posture Correction 

An improper posture is another cause of knee pain, and chiropractors have a solution for it too. Just like aligning the misaligned spine, the doctors can correct the poor posture by adjusting the knees, and reducing pressure on the joints and muscles.

Low-Level Laser Therapy 

Most chiropractors call it cold laser therapy. It involves stimulating the soft tissues and muscles to reduce inflammation. This chiropractic technique speeds up the healing process and facilitates the blood flow required to reduce pain.

How to Choose a Chiropractor for Knee Pain 

Are you experiencing knee pain? Do you want to stop or avoid taking pain medication? Then try booking an appointment with a chiropractor!

To get the best benefits, it is imperative you choose the right chiropractor. Below are some tips to help you choose an amazing chiropractor in your area.

They Should Be Local 

Chiropractic treatment might involve visiting the doctor up to several times a week, depending on your personalized plan. Seeing a local chiropractor reduces travel time, and transportation expenses, and you can quickly visit the practice if you need urgent treatment. 

Oak Brook Medical Group is a local chiropractor located in Oak Brook, Illinois, serving the town and surrounding communities. You can call us at 630-317-7478 or book your appointment on our website.

Inquire About the Techniques They Use 

A good chiropractor might use several techniques in order to resolve the knee pain issue. The services and techniques might include adjustments, muscle manipulation, physical therapy, trigger point therapy, platelet-rich plasma injection, inflammation soft tissue massage, other massage therapies, and much more. 

At Oak Brook Medical Group, we offer proven techniques and methods to alleviate knee pain while working to resolve the issue at its origin. 

Learn About the Conditions They Treat 

Not every chiropractor specializes in treating knee pain so it is essential to know their areas of expertise before choosing a doctor. The professional chiropractors at Oak Brook Medical Group specialize in treating all types of joint pains, including knee pain. Get in touch with us to schedule your appointment today.

Check the Reviews from Existing Patients 

Reading the reviews from current and former patients can offer good information about the chiropractic care a group offers. Read the customer testimonials from the Oak Brook Medical Group and learn what our patients think about us. 

Schedule Your Individualized Treatment with the Best Chiropractors in Oak Brook

If you are suffering from any type of knee pain, then don’t hesitate to reach out. Your knee problems may be stemming from several causes, but chiropractic care can help. 

At Oak Brook Medical Group, we create an individualized natural pain management plan for each patient. When you visit us, we evaluate the origin of the issue by examining the biomechanical and physical anatomy of the knee. Once we know the underlying issues, we use several techniques and methods to not only relieve the knee pain, but also treat the cause or prevent further injury.

We take a holistic approach to health care and provide several services at Oak Brook Medical Group, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, and more to help you cope with pain and resolve issues.

Get in touch with us at 630-317-7478 to schedule a new patient exam or to book an appointment online today.