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Integrated Regenerative Medical Clinic located in Oak Brook, IL

Oak Brook Medical Group serves the residents of Oak Brook, Illinois and the surrounding community. Our team of dedicated professionals and the amazing staff work diligently to ensure that all patients receive the care they need. With on-staff massage therapists as well as chiropractors, our team can help patients find relief to a variety of conditions in a comprehensive way. In addition, combined, our staff has the ability to speak English, Spanish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. 

Oak Brook Medical Group treats patients of all ages and stages of life, including children and infants, expectant mothers, and the elderly. The staff at Oak Brook Medical Group also commonly treats individuals who have been injured in an accident, suffered from an overuse injury, or are recovering from surgery.

Providers at Oak Brook Medical Group approach care from a holistic standpoint so that patients can improve their overall health. With expanded knowledge on nutrition, personal fitness, and ways to manage pain, patients are expected to walk away from Oak Brook Medical Group feeling brand new.

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  • Jose - Massage Therapist

    Graduating from SOMA Institute, a prestigious school for Clinical Massage Therapy, Graduates have the passion and skills to care for patients with any type of injury.  After a year of intense courses and clinical training, L.M.T. Jose Avila, earned his license as a Clinical Massage Therapist. Coming from working long hours at restaurants, hotels, and factories, Jose couldn’t abide the pains it would cause him.  He then decided to make a change and set a goal to permanently remove annoying pains.  Becoming a clinical massage therapist was his way of helping others to overcome their pain and injuries to continue a healthy lifestyle.

    Every year for the past three years, Jose has done volunteer work for the Chicago Bank of America Marathon assisting the runners to relax and feel comfortable after the race.  After finishing his internship at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Jose was able to apply his skills and knowledge to work by providing different types of massages such as; Deep Tissue Massage, Sport Massage, Swedish Massage, and Injury Recovery. You can see that L.M.T. Jose Avila has the skills and passion for patient care recovery and wellness.

    L.M.T, Jose Avila, is the older of two brothers and has lived in California, Las Vegas and Chicago.  He knew his role as an older brother was to set a good example by guiding them to the correct path to a successful life.  In his high school years, Jose was involved in school activities and sports.  He was in the high school football team, wrestling team and did heavy lifting.  He also practiced MMA on the side.  Jose now enjoys spending time with his girlfriend whom he met through his cousin and loves bonding with his family.  

  • Victoria - Office Manager

    In 1998, my mom decided to risk all and come to the United States.  The importance of family is something she passed down to me.  We lived in California for 12 years where I started a family of my own.  My son’s name is Nikita now he’s 11, I want my son to follow in my footsteps and have a passion for cooking as I do.  My favorite times with him are when we cook together.  We are not only creating dinner, but we are creating memories and also something that he will use when he has a family of his own.  Living with a preteen has its challenges, especially because I am a single mother, but knowing that I am there, right next to him, as he is growing and becoming the man that he is going to be, I know it’s important to help shape him into that man, and build characteristics that will make him an asset to society.  I’ll continue to support his loves.  Such as saxophone and computers.

    While my son was young, I was a personal chef.  I chose this career based on my love of cooking.  Although, I loved my job, the hours kept me away from my son more than I wanted.

    I changed my work path to the medical field and am now taking classes at a local college working toward my HIT degree.  This new path led me to a chiropractic office that promotes health, natural living, our team shares the same family values as I do.  I’m so glad to be part of the LiveWell Chiropracitc team!

  • Danielle - Case Manager

    Danielle was born and raised in Illinois and she is currently enrolled at Rasmussen College, where she is reaching towards her Bachelors in Healthcare Management. Health and fitness have always been a part of her life, from participating in multiple sports growing up to becoming a personal trainer. She is very passionate about helping others reach their goals and find their true potential.
    She is a very compassionate individual with a strong outgoing personality. Danielle believes everyone should be involved in fitness whether that consists of working out, doing yoga, cross-fit, etc. in order to create a happy and healthy life.

    Danielle is very excited about becoming the Case Manager here at LiveWell Chiropractic. She can use her passion to help people in a clinical setting, as well as encourage them to incorporate fitness into their lives outside the office.

  • Dr. Amanda Klosterman

    Dr. Amanda Klosterman was born and raised in the state of Michigan where she completed her undergraduate education at Central Michigan University. While at CMU, Dr. Amanda was a 4-year member of the softball team. She discovered the healing art of chiropractic after she sustained an injury during her freshman season that was unresponsive to modern medical treatment. After one adjustment she was pain-free, and she decided right then she wanted to be a chiropractor.

    Dr. Amanda obtained her doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, FL, where she graduated cum laude. She has a passion for helping people, educating the public and leading a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys participating in CrossFit to maintain a healthy level of fitness.  Dr. Amanda believes that every man, woman, and child can benefit from chiropractic care. She is also an ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) member and works closely with expecting moms and their children.

  • Paulina Gal - Rehab Tech

    Paulina was born in Chicago and graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelors in Exercise Science. While at Loyola, Paulina was a member of the Track and Field team specializing in multiple event areas. Paulina is a knowledgeable fitness professional who is passionate about helping others of all fitness levels. Her experiences as an athlete have driven her to work in a rehab setting to help individuals exceed their personal goals and learn about the advantages of therapy.

  • Anna Vana - DNP, APRN

    Anna Vana, DNP, APRN graduated with her undergraduate degree in Biology from Augustana College and earned a Master of Science in Nursing in 2012. Anna received a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree specializing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Rush University in 2018 and is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). She has worked in a variety of medical settings including Surgical, Orthopedics, Trauma, and Cardiovascular-Thoracic Intensive Care Units at Rush University Medical Center and Loyola University Health System. Utilizing her strong foundation of medical education, she incorporates her personal interest in health and fitness to help her patients reach their goals. With a team-oriented approach, Anna is committed to educating her patients and restoring their health and quality of life.


How to Relieve Sciatic Pain

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