Brenda StoetzerBrenda Stoetzer
20:50 19 Aug 22
I was a patient of Dr. Mike’s prior to him joining Oak Brook Medical Group. I was seeing him for maintnenace adjustments, but woke up one morning with limited range of motion and pain while turning my head. I came in for an evaluation and they created a treatment plan with the entire team. After a few weeks, my range of motion had improved and I was almost pain free. I’m now able to sleep better, am pain free and have complete range of motion. I would highly recommend the team at Oak Brook Medical Group.read more
Fran StevensonFran Stevenson
20:27 17 Aug 22
I came to Oak Brook Medical Group for treatment of Sciatica. They have solved that problem and am now free of prescribed medications and the swelling that was a signal that my body was trying to tell me about additional alignment problems. OBMG has also been sensitive to becoming dependent on them and have shown how to take care of my own aches and pains through stretching and strengthen exercises rather than popping pills.read more
Nick DonatoNick Donato
13:21 30 Jun 22
The atmosphere here is amazing! The staff really takes the time to get to know each patient. My neck and shoulder pain has decreased significantly and I can sleep throughout the night now!read more
Eric EllisEric Ellis
00:30 30 Jun 22
Oak Brook Medical Group is a very good environment to go and receive treatment for any pain discomfort you may experience. The staff is very welcoming, informative and hands on to help get you back to your normal self. Every since I’ve been coming for therapy to help me with a shoulder injury; I’ve progressed tremendously in my recovery. I honestly recommend anyone who needs therapy along with any other services they provide to give them a opportunity to help you.read more
Juan Luis AndradeJuan Luis Andrade
23:22 02 Jun 22
They’re great, they know what they do and how they do it. They really met my needs; in little more than two months I recovered from pain and discomfort due to a disc herniation. They have the best team, a wonderful mood, in a very nice environment which also was so helpful for my recovery.read more
Chad HeckChad Heck
05:14 26 May 22
I’ve never had a bad experience here and look forward to my appointments. The team does not pressure into any non useful procedures and goes through any issues you may have. Works great with insurance. And reviews your personal process from time to time. And helps with and new issues that may pop up. All in a welcoming atmosphere. Thanks bestie!read more
Timothy HallTimothy Hall
21:53 25 May 22
Great medical staff! Very friendly and welcoming environment. Helped me get through shoulder surgery and now am pain free! Chiropractic and massage therapy on site makes for a great all in one visitread more
Stephany FloresStephany Flores
16:45 12 May 22
This team is the absolute best!They are professional, organized, and supportive.With lots of patience the team was able to guide me through releasing muscle tension and healing my shoulder injury.Thank you so much team for everything you do.I am honored to have worked with such a hardworking staff. 🤍read more
Tim LetiziaTim Letizia
19:22 11 Mar 22
Wonderful staff and facility. Thrilled with the treatment outcome. Highly recommend.