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When there’s pressure on the sciatic nerve, you feel it. The pain from this pressure is often referred to as sciatica. At Oak Brook Medical Group we work to offer natural pain management solutions for this type of condition.

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What is sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the largest in the body, starting in the lower back and extending down through the leg. When this nerve gets irritated, you can feel pain in your lower back, which can sometimes radiate down your leg and even past your knee. Typically, irritation is caused by a lumbar disc herniation that pinches the nerve. Sometimes pain can occur due to irritations in surrounding bone, muscle, or infection.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?

The most telltale sign of sciatica is pain that radiates through the lower back and down into the buttocks. Sometimes this feeling is characterized as a numbing or tingling sensation, maybe even a burning feeling. If the pain extends down the buttocks, it can be felt in the back of the thigh or in the hip. Oftentimes, sciatica makes walking difficult or painful. Additionally, if you only find relief in lying down, you might have sciatica.

How is sciatica usually diagnosed?

Beyond using your symptoms to diagnose sciatica, medical professionals may also use your medical history or a physical exam to address your concerns. Certain maneuvers usually let these professionals know whether or not you have sciatica, and the experts at Oak Brook Medical Group are well trained in this process. Further tests like X-rays can be used, but this step isn’t always necessary.

How can Oak Brook Medical Group help?

When you have sciatica, a huge concern is ridding yourself of the pain and correcting the issue so that the pain doesn’t one day return. Luckily for you, Oak Brook at Oak Brook Medical Group can address both of these concerns. Our expert team utilizes adjustments that aim to correct alignment problems and allow for the nerve to become less irritated so that you can have some relief. Muscle spasms may even decrease in quantity, providing you long term relief.

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