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Viscosupplementation is a procedure in which a thick fluid called hyaluronate is injected into the knee joint. There are no cures for osteoarthritis, so viscosupplementation will not cure osteoarthritis of the knee. However, it is thought that hyaluronate will improve the lubricating properties of the synovial fluid, reduce the pain from osteoarthritis of the knee, improve mobility, and provide a higher and more comfortable level of activity. Viscosupplementation in combination with physical therapy of the joint has been shown to provide very promising results with our patients.

Why Is Viscosupplementation Used?

Viscosupplementation is a highly effective treatment for knee osteoarthritis that helps with pain relief. The minimally invasive treatment is beneficial for recovering the synovial fluid’s rheological properties and improving the joint cartilage articular function.

While patients report pain relief, they also report a reduction in swelling, making it highly effective for treating arthritis symptoms.

What Does Viscosupplementation Involve?

During the viscosupplementation treatment, our trained and certified medical professionals inject hyaluronic acid into the osteoarthritic joint to improve its lubricant and shock absorber properties.

The treatment solution consists of hyaluronic acid, a viscous and elastic substance normally produced by the knee joint. Factors such as age and external injuries may affect the knee’s ability to produce this substance and getting a hyaluronic acid injection is helpful.

What Are the Benefits of Having Viscosupplementation?

Osteoarthritis can take a toll on your life, and the persistent pain that comes along with this condition may prevent you from doing your daily activities. Viscosupplementation is one of the best minimally-invasive treatment options for osteoarthritis that helps reduce pain and suppress other symptoms of this degenerative joint disease.

Here are some benefits our patients have reported after taking hyaluronic acid injections.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

A hyaluronic acid treatment for knee osteoarthritis is highly effective, and you can expect to feel the results within a few days. The injected substance lubricates the joint, reducing pain and discomfort.

Makes Walking, Sitting, and Reclining Easier

The viscosupplementation treatment improves the knee’s ability to bend, making it easier for you to walk, climb stairs, recline, and sit. You can expect minimal to no pain while doing these day-to-day activities.

Improves Your Lifestyle

There’s nothing better than being able to go about your life without feeling pain. Viscosupplementation can help you achieve your healthy-living goals.

Get rid of knee pain with minimal to no side effects using viscosupplementation. Fill out our contact us form, and book your appointment today.

How Is a Viscosupplementation Injection Performed?

At the Oak Brook Medical Group, we perform viscosupplementation treatment with maximum care. The treatment involves our trained professionals inspecting your knee joint to determine the severity of the osteoarthritis.

Next, the practitioner will inject a shot of local anesthetic to numb the surrounding area of the knee joint in order to reduce pain. Finally, the practitioner will inject hyaluronic acid into the space inside your joint to improve the joint lubrication.

The process does not take a lot of time, and you can keep doing your regular day-to-day activities unless otherwise advised by our medical experts.

The treatment is as easy as it sounds, so do not wait! Book your appointment for a pain-free life. Call us at 630-317-7478 for more information.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Viscosupplementation?

Patients with knee osteoarthritis who experience pain and mobility issues can expect relief from viscosupplementation injections. Furthermore, patients that are looking for non-surgical procedures are good candidates for this treatment option.

What Are the Risks of a Viscosupplementation Injection?

Viscosupplementation has proved to be a safe treatment for improving the lubrication of the knee joint. The procedure has rare complications, although there are no significant risks associated with it. Patients taking viscosupplementation treatment in Oak Brook may experience slight bleeding and some pain at the injection site, however, with a local anesthetic, it is rare to feel pain during the treatment.

Any after-effects may remain for a few days, but can be treated using generic medicines. There are no severe side effects of viscosupplementation provided you have consulted your doctor about the treatment.

Post-Procedure Care and Expectations

Taking care after viscosupplementation is easy. After the treatment, you should avoid standing for long periods. For the first few days, it is advised not to do a lot of walking or jogging, and you should also avoid lifting heavy weights.

You can expect slight pain, swelling, and warmth on the injection sight right after the procedure. However, the symptoms do not last long.

Don’t let knee pain be a cause of suffering; book your appointment with our team of expert medical providers in Oak Brook to get viscosupplementation treatment.

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