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The advantage of stem cells is that they have the potential to become specialized cells, making them an ideal solution to improve degenerative or painful joint conditions. Oak Brook Medical Group in Oak Brook, Illinois provides stem cell therapy for patients with chronic joint conditions that don’t respond well to other methods of pain relief. If you’re suffering from a painful musculoskeletal condition and you don’t want to take more prescription pain medications, call to schedule a consultation or book online to learn how stem cells may be able to help.

Stem Cells Q&A

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are unspecialized cells that have the potential to become cells with a specific purpose, such as new red blood cells, new bone cells, or even new heart cells. Stem cells seem to be on standby too, as they can live through an extended period of inactivity, until your body, or a medical treatment, motivates them into action.

Research indicates that stem cells in a degenerative joint can:

  • Develop into new cartilage cells
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Release proteins to slow the degeneration of cartilage and other soft tissue

One way you benefit from stem cells, for example, is when you sustain an injury, such as a wound or a strained ligament or tendon. As a result of the injury, your body transforms dormant stem cells into the specialized cells you need to promote healing. Stem cells become new tendon or ligament cells to regenerate healthy tissue and heal your body, naturally.

What happens during stem cell therapy?

During stem cell therapy, your doctor injects stem cells directly into your injured tissue, or arthritic joint to promote healing in that specific area. Stem cell injections are painless and take place in the office.

They don’t require surgery or general anesthesia like many types of invasive procedures. There’s no extended recovery period, either, so you can typically return to your daily activities with minimal interruption.

Stem cell therapy is a safe, effective treatment that often provides significant pain relief in a matter of hours. The stem cells restore soft tissue around an ailing joint, or repair a tendon, and alleviate pain over the next several weeks.

What are the advantages of stem cells for painful joint conditions?

For adults who want an alternative to invasive surgeries, prescription medications, or even to delay total joint replacement surgery, stem cell therapy is an ideal treatment option for many painful joint conditions. Stem cells potentially provide long-term pain relief and help you regain mobility, rather than the temporary pain relief you typically experience through pharmaceuticals. After stem cell injections, you may no longer need your pain pills to get through the day.

The doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group customize a treatment plan based on your individual condition, so you get the maximum benefit from stem cell therapy as part of your overall healing and rehabilitation program at Oak Brook Medical Group.

To learn if you’re a good candidate for the many benefits of stem cells, call or click online to schedule a consultation.

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