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Regenerative medicine is a cutting-edge therapy that harnesses your body’s natural healing mechanisms to improve your recovery from injury and surgical procedures. Our staff at Oak Brook Medical Group believe regenerative medicine shows great promise in noninvasive recovery for chronic pain and degenerative conditions. To learn more about regenerative medicine, call the doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group to book your appointment or schedule a visit online.

Regenerative Medicine Q&A

How does regenerative medicine work?

Regenerative medicine is a form of therapy that bolsters your natural healing process using cells from the human body. While regenerative medicine isn’t a new treatment, recent advances in medical technology, immunology, cell biology, and related research have demonstrated enormous potential in this field.

Regenerative medicine promotes three types of healing: regeneration, replacement, and rejuvenation. These interrelated approaches work to help your body heal from within.

What can I expect during regenerative medicine treatment?

The doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group often administer regenerative medicine to bolster healing and regeneration alongside other treatments, such as physical therapy. Regenerative medicine treatment is an outpatient affair, and you should feel little more than the prick of the needle during treatment.

If the doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group provide regenerative medicine treatment, a blood draw is required before they begin the separation process. Once finished, your doctor injects the regenerative medicine treatment into several areas around the area in need of recovery.

When do I see results from this treatment?

The treatment promotes natural healing, so the results of your regenerative medicine therapy depend on the type of pain or injury you’ve suffered, any surgical treatments you might have experienced, and how well you stick to your recovery plan as assigned by the doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group.

If you’re looking to take on your chronic pain in a natural, cutting-edge way, contact the doctors at Oak Brook Medical Group in Oak Brook, Illinois, to book your consultation.

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