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Trigger Point Injection Q & A


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What is a Trigger point?

Trigger points are discrete, focal, hyperirritable spots located in a taut band of muscle. The spots can be painful upon compression and oftentimes can produce referred pain, referred tenderness and motor dysfunction.


What is a Trigger Point Injection?

A trigger point injection (TPI) is an injection that is given directly into the trigger point or “knot” for pain management. The injection may be an anesthetic such as lidocaine (Xylocaine) or bupivacaine (Marcaine), a mixture of anesthetics, or a corticosteroid (cortisone medication) alone or mixed with lidocaine. With the injection, the trigger point is made inactive and the pain is relieved. At Oak Brook Medical Group we do not use Corticosteroids.


How are Trigger Point Injections Performed?

Our nurse practitioner will first mark the skin over the point and clean the skin. A cooling spray may be used to numb the area. A fine needle is then inserted into the trigger point. At this point you may feel a small “twitch” of the muscle this means the trigger point has been reached. Then, a small amount of medication is injected to numb the point and break up the “knot.” Lidocaine is the numbing medication often used for the injection however, our nurse practitioner may choose another medication based on your medical history (ie. Saline, Sarapin).


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